Introducing: Bertie

Bertie is a pet project I started in order to learn Python and tinker with my very own PostgreSQL database. I am still looking for a backronym so please shout if you have any ideas.

Bertie is an automated market maker, and he currently sits on my home desktop, whirring away, polling a wide range of bookmakers to determine the best price to set on Betfair’s exchange. Click here to read about the basics of Bertie’s operation.


Bertie has performed far better than anticipated, as a quick snapshot on historic expected value* (EV):

EV Since Inception


Bertie is performing slightly above EV, returning £1452 for a total Bankroll of £1552 **.

lifetime p&l


* unless explicitly stated otherwise, EV is net of commission.

** The Lifetime summary includes shows an additional profit of £161.21 made through arbitrage opportunities, this money has not been reinvested as I wanted to keep Bertie’s bankroll as organic as possible.


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